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Mickey/Burgess Meredith from Rocky tribute

From Rocky V:

Mickey: [Flashback] Ah come here Rock. My God, you're ready ain't ya? That Apollo won't know what hit him. You're gonna roll over him like a bulldozer, an Italian bulldozer. You know kid, I know how you feel about this fight that's comin' up. 'Cause I was young once, too. And I'll tell you somethin'. Well, if you wasn't here I probably wouldn't be alive today. The fact that you're here and doin' as well as you're doin' gives me-what do you call it-motivization? Huh? To stay alive, 'cause I think that people die sometimes when they don't wanna live no more.

Rocky Balboa: [Present day, remembering] and nature's smarter than people think...

Mickey: [Flashback] And nature is smarter than people think. Little by little we lose our friends, we lose everything. We keep losin' and losin' till we say you know, 'Oh what the hell am I livin' around here for? I got not reason to go on.' But with you kid, boy, I got a reason to go on. And I'm gonna stay alive and I will watch you make good...

Rocky Balboa: [Present day, remembering] and I'll never leave you.

Mickey: [Flashback] and I'll never leave you until that happens. 'Cause when I leave you you'll not only know how to fight, you'll be able to take care of yourself outside the ring too, is that okay?

Rocky Balboa: [Flashback] It's okay.

Mickey: [Flashback] Okay. Now I got a little gift for you.

Rocky Balboa: [Flashback] Ah, Mick you don't have to.

Mickey: [Flashback] No, wait a minute, now, wait a minute. Hey look at that.

[Takes off his golden glove necklace]

Mickey: See that? This is the favorite thing that I have on this Earth. And Rocky Marciano give me that. You know what it was? His cufflink. Huh? And now I'm givin' it to you and it, it's gotta be like a, like an angel on your shoulder see? If you ever get hurt and you feel that you're goin' down this little angel is gonna whisper in your ear. It's gonna say, 'Get up you son of a bitch 'cause Mickey loves you'. Okay?

Rocky Balboa: [Flashback] Thanks Mick.

[Hugs him]

Rocky Balboa: I love you too.

Mickey: [Flashback] Go after him kid, go after him.

Rocky Balboa: [Present day, remembering] You was the angel.

Mariah Carey - Everything Fades Away

Baby don't tell me you miss me you love me
Don't whisper gently that you can't forget me
Tonight...Tonight 'cause I've heard it all before

Just turn away
Don't play that game
Baby I don't want to anymore

Let it all fade away
Don't you know the love is gone
It's too late
Everything fades away
Nothing ever stays the same
Baby no no no

Baby don't tell me you're sorry you hurt me
How many times can I give in
How many battles can you win
Oh don't beg for mercy
Tonight tonight 'cause I can't take anymore

Just turn around
Don't break me down
Baby I don't love you like before

Let it all fade away
Don't you know the love is gone
It's too late
Everything fades away
Nothing ever stays the same
Baby Ohhhh

So hard for me to let you go
Don't leave me standing in the cold
Oh baby give me one more chance
I know that we can make amends
Just let me love you one more time
Don't say it
Oh darling gonna lose mind
Don't say it babe
So hard for me to let you go
So hard for me to let you go

Let it all fade away (why don't you)
The love is gone baby
It's too late, Ohhh
Everything fades away
Nothing ever stays the same
Nothing ever stays the same

Let it all fade away
The love is gone baby
It's too late
Everything fades away
Nothing ever stays the same

It only fades...It only fades away
It only fades...It only fades away
Baby don't tell me you miss me you love me...(Repeat all to fade)

Alice In Wonderland (1985) - The greatest version ever!

Tarja - Still Of The Night (Whitesnake cover)

Is there any way to embed a slideshow from my DA page, onto my facebook page and if so, how? 

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Friends and favorites feature!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 21, 2014, 11:25 PM

This is so motivational and inspirational!
Awesome montages:


I wanted to feature many of my friends' works and other favorites from over the past year.  I'll try to do another feature halfway through the year with others that didn't get included in this one.  I thank everyone for all the support!  :heart:  Also, check out the two videos above which are new songs from Within Temptation's new album which releases next month! In no particular order:

The Hidden Path by EskopljaWishing You Were Somehow Here Again by CorvineriumMasked Ball by FictionChickSmoke and Mirrors by ChristabelleLAmortPast the Point of No Return by GullskoRemnants Of You by MistRaven<da:thumb id="415860010"/>Drop dead demons by ElenaDudinaFriends forever by CindysArtCreep by J-u-d-a-sRaven's pendulum by Fae-Melie-MelusineAlice s ennuie dans ce monde by Marjie79-+-She-+- by TalviEnkeliIn The Black Forest by maiarcitaArachnophobia therapy by peroni68Helena - Queen of Angels by TaniaARTWicked by pjenzRevelations by IdeasplayerA Friend Indeed by Shedboy68Mary by MataHari22Forgotten Puppet by batculaYesterday Dream_04 by caddmanMedusa by Altair-EGothic V3 by SK-DIGIARTIn-the-land-of-death by AngeliaArtThe Froggy Queen by babsartcreationsMidnight by EstherPuche-ArtLady Borealis by Emerald-DepthsOne Last Withering Rose by LadyxBoleynCourage by zoozeeTea Time by Wesley-SouzaLa Condesa by mi-eterna-primaveracheckmate by shiny-shadows-ArtDarkness and Memories... by VillenueveReproacheS by vampirekingdomForever together by Garden-Of-BlackRosesUna rosa para ti by Marazul45Queen Of The Night by Sisterslaughter165Mirrored by SweediesArtDryad's night by La--Bohemeoscuridad en mi corazon by DenysRoqueDesignShe Can Float by rsiphotographyDecayed Dreams by silentfuneralSoulless Damnation by devildollSisina by Shades-Of-LetheBanished from Fairyland by ComtesseDionaeaGodess by LevanaTempestQuiescence by NebelelfeNaemyPainful by DiosaEMRSpider Queen by Dark-Angel669My bleeding heart by NotvitruvianGive me my shoes back! by megan7Sorceress by PerlaMarinaThe Possessed by KYghostLand of Confusion by AndaelentariSadness of Autumn by PygarWoodlands Gathering by kimsolLitlle Bird by moonchild-ljiljaReveries by Carole-Bailly-MaitreAlice and The Rabbit by DoucesseTime To Go by crilleb50That Beating Drum by TheDreamBelowIs This The End? by In2umniaKillH3rNeon aura 2 by ladyjudinastay by tallouhOld Park Ghosts by AliaChekBreaking Newton's Law by MarkOo-ARTJudgment Day by S-BlackARTMy Heart Is Growing Cold... by SummerDreams89Angelo della Morte by LenteScuraThe wishing well by AlimeraAfraid of the Dark by LindArtzDark Side by SeventhFairysacrifice by magicsart<da:thumb id="392738556"/>Autumns Decadence by LavitaDistressI Want To Die by Ferrypras666Little swinging elf by janedjspam! by SoulcolorsArtBookworms Village by APetrukAdventure Tours by daniellefwCrystal Coffin by VityaR83The Carnivorous Flower by NM-artCaution by ThibaultFischerNo such thing as monsters by neverdyingThe Assassin by VarLa-artMorning coffee by MoaWallinWho pays The Ferryman ? by pranileOwlie by ShreyaAwesome Halloween Night by PreciousBlissThe Owl and the Pussycat by DriPointMoonlight fairy by Goldenphoenix-TitlyFollow by CrystalClear-ArtThe last apple by IgnisFatuusIINoctunal Hunt by Le-Regard-des-Elfes24 LoL by LouieLorrySkull Caves by annemaria48In the Mysterious Forest by AmiltareaThe darkness inside by AmelietheTarde de Verano by AndyGarcia666Waiting for Wake Up by AprilLight+ Midnight on the Moor + by Bohemiartweightlessness by CreamydigitalSecrets Of The Deep by DemonikaDemiseAngel by brandrificusThe Haunt of Asara by BrookeGilletteOnce Upon A Time by Ironshodlosing sleep by ada-lenaA Storm Is Comming by AegilsWild Hearts by AeltariDarkness  Bride by KlaraKayThe Girl and the Wolf by Ariel87Summer Days by EnchantedWhispersArtBurial of the Fern King by danverkysCastle Grounds by kuschelirmelbook cover by mashamaklautGhost Story by DarkDevil16Follow your heart by starlight2infinityElixirs by cornacchia-artThe Abyss of the Fallen by RazielMBI die without You by StarsColdNightI Found You by alexnoreagaThe Beginning of The End by EnamorteAlicia by MariaJoseHidalgoOnce upon a time... by AllaD8Ashes by LordNicaxEphemeral Passion by LuLebelBag End by EverildWolfdenHeat Of Hope by SerafimaUNNightmare by AnonimouslyOneWaiting  for nothing by paulauskasSnow White by JeffachStrange Fog. by LittleWolf-DreamerKing of Corvids by frenchfox
Symphony Of The Night - part 1- by nova63Hatred by Celtica-HarmonyPandora's Box by SanguineMoonWolf<da:thumb id="428137278"/>Caught. by erimuI love you reading: 2 by alenaswanAngel Of Judgment by ArisT0teWhere is Rumplestiltskin? by Potion-MasterblaCK red by Vin-DunkelheitLost World by ElementOfOne1Monument of Life by CaoChiNhanWicked Witch of the West by SPRSPRsDigitalArtTrip To Pluto by Blackpearls91Under Paradise by duzetdaram:: Vampire-Elf Queen :: by SangrdeThe Crown by alexstoneart18 Lives by CaitlinHackettButterflywhisperer by emptyidentityentityPiercing The Veil by angel15926th sense by Blackpearls91Hand Plant by twistedmentalitysteam city....wip by FoolSightBlind7b by 25kartinokMushroom by Daiyou-UonomeNocturne by oberegLet go..... by SallinillasLullaby for a friend by brietolgaDark Fairytale by anndrTree of life FINAL by moon-ysEncounter by NinjaticReper Santa clause by juni-rashydYou and Me by Dobi78Warrior Woman by DWilsonArtCreationsUnder the ground by NothingincontrolA Cat Tale by eclipsyMaya and me by SallinillasDid-You-Miss-Me-2A by FosterPhotoGraphixMushroom Land by jordangrimmerLast Kiss by Gido
These are some paintings my grandmother did:

Winter in the forest by PrincessMagical  Flower garden by PrincessMagical  Cat in the garden by PrincessMagical
:blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose:[Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose]
UPDATE: August 14, 2012:  I'm still working on that Phantom manip, as it turns out that much more work was needed than I originally thought.  Keep an eye out!
[Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose][Black Rose]

I thank everyone for their support and patience! [Heart]

Phantom Fans Icon by iluvdevilschildPhantom Phan stamp by LoathsomeGargoylePhantom of the Opera Stamp by slayerchick303

Phantom x Christine Stamp by DarkFacedStrangerPhantom Stamp 1 by TotalxImmortalThe Phantom Of The Opera Stamp by MaydayKoigo





Skin by IamRinoaHeartilly


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Virginia

Favourite movie: Phantom Of The Opera (2004&1990), period piece dramas, horror (The Ring, etc), Rocky II, much more

Favourite bands / musical artists: Mariah Carey, Def Leppard, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Nightwish, Leona Lewis, so much more

Favourite genre of music: Female fronted gothic rock/metal, symphonic rock/metal, 80's rock/metal, much more

Favourite visual artist: God (the true artist that created the world), my grandmother, Anne Stokes, Victoria Frances and many, many more

Favourite style of art: Traditional, Digital and Photomanipulations (especially Fantasy and Dark)

Favourite books: The Bible, Stephen King

Tools of the Trade: Photoshop CS4, CS5 and a mouse (no tablet)

Personal Quote: Jesus is above all, He is everything and has everything of me. He died for me and I live my life for Him.



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I thank everyone in advance!

I want to let everyone know that I sometimes am not always on here to reply to everyone's comments right away. Please don't take it personally if I can't reply to every message since I am busy a lot so I apologize if I can't comment to everyone individually. I appreciate and thank everyone so much for the watches, comments and faves! :heart:



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